Relationship Day Do's and Don'ts

What NOT to get a significant other, a Giant Moose! -By Daina P.-

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and many people are left wondering or worrying about their love life. Although this isn’t a bad thing, there are a lot of common mistakes made by both single and non-single people. Therefore, we are here to help with a list of relationship do's and don’ts.

To the single people:
Don’t be desperate. There is no point in throwing yourself all over every person just because you want someone to date you. Also, don’t stalk people. It doesn’t matter how much one likes that guy/girl in one’s math class, do not Facebook or physically stalk him/her. It is creepy and will not get one anywhere. If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t worry about it. At this point, dating someone shouldn’t be a top priority. People have their whole lives to find their significant other, and they can always spend time with their friends instead.

To those in a relationship:
Don’t forget about your boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t ignore them or make them feel unwanted. Buy, make, or put together a nice gift for them, especially when Valentine’s Day comes around. Make sure it’s something unique and something that they would enjoy, but don’t go over the top. Also don’t buy anything that is huge or embarrassing like the giant moose at Costco or underwear. Whatever one does though, don’t show off or flaunt one’s presents to one’s single friends. They won’t like it. Also, don’t forget about your friends and try to maintain good friendships with them while in a relationship.

Whoever one is, don’t make the common relationship mistakes. There’s really no point in getting too worked up over dating. Try not to be the “Negative Nelly” that ruins it for everyone or the “Overexcited Oliver” that drives everyone insane. Just relax and let it all work out.